1. How many blogs do you follow?


2. Why did you unfollow me?

  • You were inactive or I no longer liked your posts

3. How many followers do you have?

Over 5,000

4. Promo for promo/double promo?

Sure! Please don’t ask unless you have over 3,000 followers, though

Where did my promo go?

I delete most promotes 5-10 minutes after they have been posted

6. Can you vote for me ______?

Of course! I will NOT however ask my followers to vote for’s a nuisance. 

7. When did you make your account?

Like May 6th or so of 2011.

8. Can you check out my blog?

Yes! I would love to. :)

9. Who made your icon?

Sarah (

**Want me to see something?! Tag it as fireinmyheart. :)

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